Buckets for dredging and excavation

The material used for our dredger buckets is easily weldable due to its low carbon content. The edge is available as a separate spare part. The tread area is covered with an extremely wear-resistant layer. The armouring wire contains titanium carbide, which provides very high resistance to abrasive wear.

The sheet metal parts are formed hot using specialised tools. The hot-forming process minimises internal stress, which is an important factor for cracking/tearing in structural components.

We also deliver ready-to-install dredger buckets with sleeves already pressed in (either provided by the customer or produced by Friesische Verschleißtechnik GmbH, our partner for steel works and specialised mechanical engineering).

Production methods

In order to stick to narrow ranges of tolerance and ensure the smooth operation of the finished bucket chain, all components of the dredger buckets are assembled on specialised mounting devices.

In order to avoid tension cracks and deformations due to internal stress, all dredger buckets are fully stress-relieved after the welding process. Welding seams under particularly heavy load are checked for cracks using special ultrasound and dye penetrant testing.

· bolts, bushings, sliding bases
· chain links, teeth
· complete dredger buckets for chain-and-bucket excavators and bucket-wheel excavators

More about Wear parts for dredging and excavation:

All parts are forged, welded and tempered to meet
highest expectations and guarantee long-term functionality and reliability.

Construction with 3D CAD systems

All components, assembly groups and tools are constructed using a 3D CAD system.

We pay particular attention to perfect welding seams, in order to minimise crack formation and to improve force transmission.

Based on our long-standing experience in manufacturing wear parts, we recommend a fine-grained boron-alloyed steel, which we temper to reach a strength of up to 1400 N/mm². Thanks to this quality material, our edges have a consistently high strength right down to the core.

Thanks to over 90 years of experience and our expert knowledge in conveyor systems, we are able to provide you
customised and perfectly adapted solutions for any task.

Good quality will last!


We use rolled, calibrated and heat-treated sleeves made by our partner Friesische Verschleißtechnik GmbH. The intended material is special quality manganese hard steel. The ends are parallel and about each other, and one side is chamfered for easier assembly. Calibrating the sleeves after the rolling process guarantees a tight fit, so that sleeves will not be pushed out of the bore under load.

sleeves dredging buckets
dredging buckets / Baggereimer
dredging buckets / Baggereimer


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